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You are looking for free SMS spoofing sites. You want to send fake SMS text messages, targeted for recipients to U.S, Canada, Australia or anywhere in the world without paying a single cent? There was nowhere you could find it, but now you have a chance. When SMS Spoofing site FakeMSG.com launched the first iPhone application to send spoof sms through BigBoss (for jailbroken iPhones), it was giving out one free SMS credit for every unique iPhone app user, but soon ended the offer due to widespread craze and abuse.

Paid services like Spranked.com which allows you to send fake a.k.a spoofed cum anonymous SMS texts internationally allows you to pull a prank on your friend for as low as less than a buck. You can pay by Paypal or AlertPay or even Moneybookers as its site advertised.

Here are the steps on how to send a free SMS with a fake Sender name:

1. Visit the URL: http://www.fakemsg.com/test_system.php
2. Enter the recipient's number including the country code and area code, without any special characters like dashes or dots
3. Click Send! In a minute or two a test message bearing a fake Sender name will be received on the recipient's phone, unless it is not within supported network coverage.

What is dynamic or customizable SMS Sender ID/name?
This is actually a special feature that the website can offer you on top of a normal SMS messaging service. Most of them have wide coverage these days, so you can definitely send out your message to anyone in the world. The most important thing is that you do remember the number of your recipient.

You can virtually choose any alphanumeric characters to form up what you want your SMS to appear to be sent from. Some carriers support the space character too. However, there are some carriers that will filter your message off if the Sender ID does not appear valid, causing the recipient to not receive anything at all or receive a message with the Sender ID replaced with some numeric strings bearing another country's number. Statistics show that a Sender ID formed up with 10 or 11 numeric characters usually have no troubles showing up on recipient's cellphone.

You should also take note that if most part of the number matches an existing contact on the recipient's phonebook in the cellphone, the cellphone usually displays the Name of the contact rather than the real number. For example, if you had use "1234567890" as your Sender ID, and the recipient has a phonebook contact record of "Jane" with the number "234567890", the phone most probably would show "Jane" in the SMS, causing the recipient to believe that it was that Jane he/she knew that have sent the particular SMS.

So what are you waiting for? Get started!

Create an account. There are a lot of reasons why you should make one. First, it allows you to keep tabs on the messages you are sending. Second, you can check how many SMS credits are left. You cannot send an anonymous SMS if its value is already equal to zero. Moreover, it increases the level of security in the website. Since there is a good chance that the service can be used for illegal reasons, allowing you to sign up can allow the administrators to track messages, which then can be utilized during legal issues.

When you create an account, you need two important pieces of information. The first one is your e-mail address, which will serve as your user ID. This is also where announcements will be sent. Your activation link will also be found in the e-mail address. You need to click on the link before you can start sending anonymous SMS.

The second one is your password. There are different rules in creating passwords, though normally, it is a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. It is not ideal to stick with passwords that are closely associated with you such as those bearing your name, address, and a credit card number. You can increase your level of protection by combining letters and numbers.

Buy credits. It is almost impossible to find anywhere you can send free SMS with such a feature. You have to purchase some credits. You will know if you have received your credits from the dynamic SMS sender provider by logging on to your account. As mentioned, you should be careful that it does not reflect zero. You will also receive your credits immediately. If they are not reflected, you can refresh your page or wait for few minutes. If nothing still happens, you can then contact the administrator of the website.

Start sending. You can then go back to the main page, where you can send anonymous SMS. You can customize the From field to reflect a pseudonym or just a series of numbers. The To field should contain the actual number of the recipient. Then, you can create your message in the huge box below.

Bill Huttons is author of this article on Fake SMS.
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free sms spoofing
free sms spoofing
free sms spoofing
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free sms spoofing
free sms spoofing
free sms spoofing